Beach Strong Group Fitness

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Beach Strong is Balboa Fitness Center’s outdoor group training program.  We train in beautiful Newport Beach at the beginning of the Balboa Peninsula.  The training locations vary from park to beach settings, as changing environments and surfaces add to the effectiveness of our sessions.

With our Beach Strong program, we structure the system around five key components:  strength, mobility, coordination and metabolic and cardiorespiratory thresholds.  We utilize a variety of unique methods in order to facilitate each and every participant’s acquisition of the five key components.   They include, but are not limited to:  kettlebells, clubbells, primal movements, kickboxing/self-defense, paddleboards, kayaks and even bodysurfing.

Even though the workouts are done in a group setting, we tailor them to the individual by way of progressive formatting.  Each participant performs exercises that are appropriate for his or her fitness level.

Indulge in a fitness program that provides skill sets for increased athletic ability, then enhances and reinforces the five key components that yield CPR – Continuous Physical Readiness.  We don’t train you for a six- or twelve-week goal; we train your for a lifetime.  Here in Newport Beach, California, we stay Beach Strong all year long.



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